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 American Dynamics. ADTT16E Touch Tracker Controller

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American Dynamics. ADTT16E Touch Tracker Controller. The information is added.

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" Construction of system of video observation - from simple to complex.
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" it was possible in advance it will be prepared for accident on September, 11th? "

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the Equipment of firm Novus

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" Reasonable video observation. "

It is a little about the prices, the equipment, guarantees for systems of video observation.

 Construction of system of video observation - from simple to complex

For anybody not a secret, that electronic systems of a safety have received recently very much a wide circulation. Not last place in this line is occupied with systems of video observation and-or videoregistration. A major factor which has affected so wide circulation of video observation became the low price.

The cheap equipment made sometimes from not the most qualitative accessories fills the market of systems of safety. But despite of a significant amount of poor-quality products and set of refusals suppliers and manufacturers of this technics have occupied the niche in the market. Though, it is necessary to tell, that these products practically do not prevent to promotion of technical equipment from world famous brands from video observation. " We are not so rich to buy cheap things ". In fact presence of a normal guarantee and service plays not last role in the REASONABLE choice. I hope you once again will think of it.

Selection of the equipment

It probably the challenge which is necessary for solving at designing system of video observation (system of safety). Characteristics of the future system of video depend on it, such as quality of the image, cost, fault tolerance, etc.

The Basic components of system are:

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